Denture Fixatives

Denture fixatives can be purchased in three different forms – pastes, liquids and powders. Denture fixatives are used to ensure that a person’s dentures stay in place. A fixative gives a person that extra confidence that their dentures will not come loose and fall out at a very inopportune time. The type of fixative that a person chooses is solely based on personal preference. In order to find out what type you prefer it is best to try out all different types to find what works best for you.

One company that makes a line of denture fixative products is Stafford-Miller Products. The company’s products have evolved over time to a third generation state of the art product. Stafford-Miller has researched and developed a product that offers denture wearers a stronger hold that lasts all day long.

Denture fixative creams are a great choice when using fixatives because they distribute uniformly over the denture because they flow more rapidly than the powders. Creams are able to hold over a longer period of time because they absorb moisture slower than pastes and powders. They also work great at preventing food particles from getting trapped. Trapped food particles often cause pain and torment to the denture wearer.

Denture fixative powders start to hold denture more rapidly as they absorb moisture faster. To ensure that it is a perfect hold it is a good idea to apply the powder to a wet denture. However, due to the fact that they absorb the moisture so quickly they have a tendency to lose their hold after a few hours. It is not a good idea to use a powder if you are expecting an all day hold.