Dental Creams

A dental cream is formulated toothpaste that has been specifically designed to reduce the swelling of gum and to stop gum bleeding. This cream also reduces the occurrence of tooth decay and gum disease in addition to controlling bad breath.

There are different types of dental creams that you can use. One of the most common dental creams is a sodium fluoride cream. The sodium fluoride, which is the main ingredient of the cream, is responsible for strengthening the enamel of the teeth. There is a certain amount of fluoride in natural water sources. However there are people who require more than what can be found in water. This means that they need to use a sodium fluoride toothpaste or cream.

Most creams that are high in sodium fluoride are prescribed by a doctor or a dentist. The sodium fluoride cream must be applied to the teeth. Children aged 6 years and older can apply the cream to the teeth using a ribbon of cream on a toothbrush. Using this cream you brush your teeth thoroughly for two minutes once a day. The best time to do this is at bedtime. It doesn’t seem like much to just brush your teeth once a day but creams that are high in sodium fluoride really do the trick when it comes to cleaning your teeth. The important thing is that you make this a regular part of your day. It is not a problem if you happen to miss a day but repeated forgetting to brush using the cream will make it ineffective.